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Life of a Consultant

Sanjit Kumar wrote this question on Linkedin, to which I replied below:

Whether consultancy is Jargon? OR practical approach…

I will not deny of the facts that most of the consultants believes in excellent presentations as well as good jargons and most surprised things is that customers also believe in those. Business owners believe more on consultant who use lot of jargons rather than an internal employee who try and force to do internal change management within an organization.
I would like to ask a straight forward question to most successful consultants:

Is there something wrong with the "First Life"?

More than 6.5 million people inhabit Second Life's virtual islands. They spend, daily, more than one million very real dollars. Second Life's success is so big that another virtual world, just for kids and teens was created. Different from the real world, Second Life separates kids and adults. This theoretically protects kids from the dangers of interacting with older people. Teen Second Life has a very tempting invitation: "Teen Second Life is an exciting community full of possibility.

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